Healthy food choices at your fingertips
Monday, November 13, 2017

Once exclusive to speciality health food stores, organic food is now a regular feature in most supermarkets, and in Dubai, you can shop for it from the comfort of your home in just four clicks. In November last year, started a subscription of organic fruits and veggies with home delivery all across the UAE. 

How it works

Log onto the website and choose from three box options - fruit only, veggies only, and a mix of fruits and veggies. Upon selecting the desired product and box size, you can choose to have it delivered to you every week or every second week. Adding to convenience, the service accepts credit cards online, eliminating the hassle of handling cash on delivery. 

Romain Ollivier, Co-founder of, says, "People can leave their apartment and we can drop off the box at the front of their door. They are not tied to any contract and can cancel whenever they want. The quality of our product is very good as we pay attention to the sourcing of what we put in our box."

The company first introduced only organic European products, which Ollivier highlights worked very well but because of the premium price they introduced another range of box offering a mix of conventional and organic produce. They offer products that come with an Organic European Certification. More...

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